Month: June 2016

Office Incident

I was waiting for my friend in a ATM area in my Office building when this guy entered the ATM area and start staring at me from head to toe, I feel uncomfortable and started to face the other way, and then I checked if he still staring at me and he is, I left … Continued

Motorbike creep

I was riding my bicycle to work one morning, there wasn’t much traffic where I was. A guy rode up next to me on his motorcycle- he lifted up the eye shield, grabbed my breast, looked at me and said “Halo sayang” (hey baby), and then rode away (while looking back at me). [got_back]


I was walking with three other girls towards Hero Kemang. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon on a typical Jakarta street, wide enough for cars and motorcycles. Suddenly, I felt my chest grabbed. To be fair, it felt more like a hard slap, as the man was speeding along on a motorcycle. Before I could … Continued