Office Incident

I was waiting for my friend in a ATM area in my Office building when this guy entered the ATM area and start staring at me from head to toe, I feel uncomfortable and started to face the other way, and then I checked if he still staring at me and he is, I left the ATM area and he started to grin at me, I feel angry and I asked him “what you looking at?” and he talked back and called me “kepedean” and called me a name —> PA (acronym from pelacur anjing)it means dog and slut. I told my security building about this and now they will look at CCTV and they said they will process this, I hope this guy get what he deserved. I dont know if we can find him because he is not from office area and I feel really not safe even in my office building :(, I think every women have a right to feel safe at work place area.