Having just left a friend’s party in the area at 1am, a group of three girls, including myself, decided it be ok for us to walk to Rasuna Said to grab a taxi. But no, unfortunately false sense of security walking in a group. We were jeered at and hissed by several groups of men until one guy thought it would be entertaining to follow us all the way to the main road gesturing and calling to us the whole way. Once we finally we got to a taxi he stood there watching us, rubbing himself on a pole on the footpath. I feel a bit silly considering I nearly walked to the road by myself until I met with the other two girls as I was leaving. This city feels less safe by the day. Luckily I went to the Hollaback Jakarta launch this week so I knew what to do and I was sure to show my other two friends the website, who shared this unfortunate experience with me.