Month: October 2016

Bookstore Stalker

I entered one of the bookstores in Plaza Senayan. There wasn’t a lot of people there, only a few including this man. I was looking around the bookshelves alone. I realized that the man is following me wherever I go. To protect myself, I went closer to the cashier. Then the man finally pretended to … Continued

“He swayed his hand over my stomach”

I was riding as the passenger on the back of a motorcycle with my friend. We stopped on red-light on a crowded street where people were crossing the street etc. There was this man who crossed the street and he swayed his hand over my stomach to my back and when I caught his eye … Continued

While walking my dog…

I was walking my dog with my boyfriend in my neighbourhood when a guy in a motorcycle drove passed me and groped my bottom. I felt grossed out and unsafe in my own neighbourhood, my boyfriend felt helpless and guilty he could not protect me. [got_back]

Motorbike grabber

My office is about 4 km from home but having walked a lot since childhood I use to travel to and fro by walking. One night as I walked home a speeding motorbike approached me and grabbed my breast. The scumbag ran away on his bike while I fell down. For those idiots who may … Continued

Kota Kasablanka Flasher

Just finished playing tennis and walking back along Jl Casablanca to my apartment. Its a super busy road and I was just in front of the mall when I caught the eye of a motorcycle driver who had pulled over about 5 meters in front of me. Assuming he was an ojek driver trying to … Continued

Namanya pelecehan! // It’s called harassment!

Tadi pagi saya lagi jalan kaki di trotoar. Tiba2 ada 3 laki2 yang lagi duduk dalam truk yang mulai ‘panggil’ saya. Saya langsung berteriak pada mereka: “Mas!!! Itu namanya pelecehan, itu bikin saya merasa kurang nyaman, gak boleh begitu!” This morning I was walking on the sidewalk. Suddenly there were three guys in a truck … Continued