Month: November 2016

Someone tried to grab my boobs

Someone tried to grab my boobs. When I walked near the dorm, someone just asked my phone number and how much my ‘price’ for one night even I wear hijab. He tried to follow me and say a dirty jokes. And I almost punched him when he tried to grab my boobs. It’s so traumatic, … Continued

Sniffing my back and trying to get close to my body

I was wearing a long-sleeved-tshirt and shorts because I just came back from holiday at the Thousands Islands. I had a plan with my boyfriend go to Plaza Festival to meet his friends from Norway. After that I was queuing for paying the cashier at the foodcourt in Plaza Festival and chatting with my BF’s … Continued

Motorbike Harassment

This actually happens all the time, but this particular incident sticks in my head. I was driving my motorbike on Rasuna Said, had just passed Pasar Festival heading, and this dude pulls up right next to me and starts chatting me up. He even had his wife on the back! He kept close to me … Continued

Bike grab

Riding my bicycle a man on a motor grabbed my butt and sped off before I could do/say anything [got_back]

Sst sst

This guy was following a girl, she was walking and he came up behind her on his motorcycle. He was saying to her “sst sst mbakyu mau ke mana”. I was riding my bike behind him so I shouted “hey!” and he drove away. I should have stopped to talk to the girl, but I … Continued