Sniffing my back and trying to get close to my body

I was wearing a long-sleeved-tshirt and shorts because I just came back from holiday at the Thousands Islands. I had a plan with my boyfriend go to Plaza Festival to meet his friends from Norway. After that I was queuing for paying the cashier at the foodcourt in Plaza Festival and chatting with my BF’s friend besides me, so I didnt really notice my back side and the others. A few seconds later my boyfriend was calling my name with a loud voice, and he said to me that the person who was queuing behind me sniffed my hair and was moving his body closer to mine. My boyfriend glared at that person.
But after that my boyfriend was angry at me because I wore shorts.

* I’m from outside, beach , holiday, it’s hot and wet. Who’s gonna wear long pants for holiday at the beach ???!!! It’s nonsense if we must wear uncomfortable clothes to please other people’s dirty minds