Month: December 2016

Holla on the go: Boys calling out ‘do you like sex’?

Every day when I walk home from school through the kampung there is a bunch of little boys (from 8-14) playing soccer. Usually someone calls out “hello bule” but recently 2 boys have been calling out, “Do you like sex?” or “Do you like my penis?”. This happens quite regularly, even when I am with … Continued

Grabbed on the bus

One day afterwork I get back home by Transjakarta from Tosari to Bendungan Hilir. The women only area of the bus was so packed with people so I have no choice but to stay in the middle for both men and women. I had a feeling that someone was getting to close to my bottom, … Continued

Catcalled after chalkwalk

[Title: Catcalled after chalkwalk] After the chalkwalk on CFD, my friend and I were actually catcalled by a group of men when we were leaving car free day. After we crossed the road we took their picture and my friend shouted back at them not to harass women on the street. That group in the … Continued

Catcalled 3 times in 10 minutes

I was planning to buy some snacks on minimarket near my house, which is only 10 minutes walk. But I’ve got cat-called (whistled and called) thrice. In 10 minutes only. I felt angry and humiliated cause it IS my neighbourhood and why can’t I feel safe in it? Just to buy a snack?

Chalkwalk Dec 4!

Grab a chalk and write your heart out in Hollaback! Jakarta’s first ever chalkwalk (that we know of) on Sunday, December 4, 2016 in Taman Semanggi (Car Free Day) from 8am-10am. Join our movement to socialize the issue of street harassment amongst Jakartans so that we can make it a thing of the past! Stay … Continued