Grabbed on the bus

One day afterwork I get back home by Transjakarta from Tosari to Bendungan Hilir. The women only area of the bus was so packed with people so I have no choice but to stay in the middle for both men and women. I had a feeling that someone was getting to close to my bottom, but I thought it was only because there’s so little room left to move. In the next bus stop, some of the people are getting off, this time I feel that my crotch is being touched (almost grabbed) from the front! I am no longer in doubt that this time the jerk doing it on purpose. It gaves me nightmare and I called my partner rightaway after that while crying and I swear to myself I would never get on the man-women sitting area again in any public transportation. It’s better to wait for another bus if the one you’re about to get on is too full. If you must take a public transportation, you better be in a women only area.