Month: January 2017

Harassed by Driver

I use a well-known transportation app daily to get to and from the office. As I live in a very busy area with lots of working professionals, often times the same drivers pick me up every day since they wait in the area in the morning for business. One day, I got a weird WhatsApp … Continued

Catcalling in Senopati Area

I was walking with my crush around Apotik Senopati area, and there were a lot of guys working on the construction there. From far away until we walked through them, they kept doing their catcalling and shouting at us. And its super inappropriate stuff. My crush was a foreigner, so they kept shouting, “whooaa maunya … Continued

Setiabudi – Verbal Harassment

A guy who called himself Ricky approached me at Setiabudi 1 and started chit-chat which then quickly turned sleazy. I was not engaging in conversation with him, but he was persistent and annoying. It might have been harmless enough the words he was saying, (calling me sexy and beautiful) but it made him a pest … Continued

Tuesday Twitter Campaign 2017: #LawanPelecehan

Every Tuesday, we will be tweeting all day with the hashtag #LawanPelecehan, which literally translates to fight/against harassment. This week we’ve decided to blast out links to a number of stories that have been submitted to us through our website/app/hard copy story forms at events. By sharing stories and talking about street harassment and public … Continued

Witnessed: Catcalling Near Ancol Mall

So I was walking in the Ancol bridge near Ancol Mall with 4 women and 2 men. There were 6 drunk men at the side cat calling. I moved to the front to try to prevent it happening more.

Creepy grocery shopper

I was looking for some fruit at the mall, wearing a graphic word t-shirt. Suddenly, a random man came up to me and started reading the words: “Broken promise” twice until I looked at him and give him a nasty look. He was looking at me in a perverted way. I stayed away from him.