Tuesday Twitter Campaign 2017: #LawanPelecehan

Every Tuesday, we will be tweeting all day with the hashtag #LawanPelecehan, which literally translates to fight/against harassment. This week we’ve decided to blast out links to a number of stories that have been submitted to us through our website/app/hard copy story forms at events. By sharing stories and talking about street harassment and public harassment in Jakarta, we can take a step towards ending it. We also think this is a good way for us to contribute to the #MulaiBicara (Talk About It) campaign of one of our FAVORITE organizations Yayasan Lentera Sintas Indonesia.

For all those who aren’t on Twitter, here are 25 short descriptions of the stories and links to the full stories and maps that we’ve posted:

  1. Motorbike harassment at Pasar Festival
  2. Pasar Festival: “Sniffing my back and trying to get close to my body”
  3. Even when wearing a headscarf
  4. Catcalled 3 times in 10 min
  5. Catcalled during Car Free Day
  6. Groped on the bus
  7. Teens & kids harass too
  8. Harassment at the mall
  9.  Groped in Gandaria area
  10. Man masturbating in public
  11. Racist comments in front of Smart City
  12. Followed at MONAS
  13. Sexual harassment at school
  14. @Jak Cafe – Person taking pic w/o permission
  15. Senayan-Taxi drivers catcalling
  16. Verbal harassment/followed at CFD
  17. Catcalled in PIM Skywalk
  18. Catcalled by motorbike taxi driver
  19. Catcalled by motorbike driver
  20. Groped on the street
  21. Leering
  22. Followed at the shop
  23. Catcalled near Ancol Mall
  24. Racist comment
  25. Catcalled by parking attendant 

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