Followed & Slapped/Groped by Middle Schoolers

A few years ago I was followed by a group of middle schoolers in a motorcycle around my own neighborhood. They didn’t live in the neighborhood but had access to go inside, there is an open road accessible for everyone so anyone could enter the complex. I was walking alone in the middle of the day, I decided to walk because the public transport I rode wasn’t safe either. I was a high schooler, wearing normal high school uniform. The middle schoolers, in their motorcycle, circled around and drove past me with one of their hands on the side. The hand slapped, roughly, and shockingly, right on my chest. I quickly started jogging faster to reach home, and they followed me, laughing, as tears started falling on my face. Sadly no one witnessed it, and only 1 neighbor came out and asked whats wrong. I didn’t think much and just kept jogging bcos I was almost reaching my own home.
I don’t go out without a jacket or outwear on nowadays. I put my backpack in the front now.
I don’t walk alone in broad daylight, in empty neighborhoods anymore.