Month: March 2017

Di angkot/Minibus

Waktu itu saya(17) sedang naik angkutan umum karena mau pergi ke acara sekolah. I wore oversized t-shirt and jeans. Dan di dalem angkutan umum ini saya duduk di samping laki2 yang kira2 usianya 30an. Then suddenly i felt kaya geli gt terus tiba tiba he grabbed my boobs. Saya shock tapi saya cuma bisa diem … Continued


One time I was walking towards my campus building for my matriculation event, and two guys on a motorbike passed by and they drove super close to me and actually touched/brushed their hands on my boobs. Afterwards they drove speedily and ran off laughing. It was all very quick, I was taken aback and was … Continued

Flirtatious Officer

I was alone, waiting for my ojek near the zebra cross of Cibubur Junction when a police officer approached me and said hi. “Sore, mbak. Baru pulang kerja?” he said, politely. He was in his late 40s and was waiting near me with his police car unit. Being polite and wasn’t suspicious at all, I … Continued

Lari pagi

Kejadiannya pagi-pagi buta, hari itu aku lari pagi sekitar jam setengah 6 hari sabtu, dan keadaan sekeliling rumah memang masih sepi. And suddenly, a motorcycle came accross me, dan keadaan aku saat itu aku sedang lari, and i felt a hand touch my butt. Bayangin aja lagi lari pagi lho padahal. Dan aku liat ada … Continued

Groped by a motorcyclist

A man on a motorcycle grabbed my breast when I was walking on the side of the street (no trotoar in this area at all. Only parking spots) he left me screaming with a normal calm speed with his motorbike. Didn’t but even have to stop. It’s very easy to abuse someone walking down the … Continued

Catcalls & Whistles

I was going out with my friend to go buy some food outside of my school, and on the way back, a group of grown men started whistling and calling us. They said some inappropriate things about my friend as well. I shouted and cursed loudly in front of them. They got quiet, but once … Continued

Dia Memegang Pantat Saya

Malam itu laki-laki yang kira-kira berumur 40 tahun memegang pantat saya di transjakarta. Tanpa berpikir panjang saya berbalik ke arahnya dan memaki laki-laki itu dengan mengatakan “laki-laki katanya kuat kok gampang ngaceng”, saya tau kata-kata ini tak pantas. Tapi apa yang ia lakukan jauh dari kata pantas. Ibu saya yang saat itu bersama saya juga … Continued

Guy on motorbike grabbed my butt

A guy on a motorbike grabbed my butt when I was walking in Ciranjang street. There was no sidewalks so I walked on the roadside. I was wearing a big blazer and medium below knee skirt so nothing appealing. I screamed and cried and looked for the person for almost an hour but no one … Continued

How is this normal??

A guy stood against me I the bus and rubbed his penis on my back. It was 10 am in the morning. Not crowded. The officers didn’t say anything and ppl pretended nothing happened. When I told my friends they said similar things happened to them or their friends. Why is it a normal or … Continued

Public Masturbation – Setiabudi

I was walking behind Setiabudi One around 1 PM on a weekend and a guy in a motorcycle followed me, slowed down and drive near me, when I see he already pulled out his penis and was touching it. I screamed help and noone cared. Some said “ah it’s a usual thing” as if it … Continued