Assaulted in Kemang

Yesterday morning I was assaulted at 10am by a young boy on a motorcycle. I was alone, riding my bicycle through Kemang Dalam area. He rode past me on his motor and parked at a house in front of me. I registered him and assumed he was waiting to pick someone up in the house. He was wearing shorts and a white shirt and a hat, covering his face. That’s all I know. He was looking down, waiting.

As I rode past him, he must have gotten off his bicycle. He crept up behind me and screamed loud to scare me. I was very startled so I stopped my bike. He pulled my pants down to expose my butt and he grabbed me. My first reaction was “I am in big trouble. My clothes are coming off.” I looked around, I saw there were people – a gardener – I was going to be OK. I turned around as quickly as my reflexes would allow, but it was too late. He was so fast and he was already getting on his motorcycle. Getting away.

I screamed, I screamed so loud. People rushed to help me. I screamed “tangkap dia” “tangkap dia” over and over and over again. I think someone rushed off to get him. I was shaking so much and crying so hard I didn’t really know what was happening.

I cried and cried.

I was angry. The men around me thought he had stolen my purse. I had to convince them he just wanted to grab me. I just remember saying “Ini badan saya” over and over again. I felt so disgusting and violated. This is my body. I was so angry that someone could take that from me, without my consent.

And then 20 minutes later, with the tears slowing down, I felt sad. I felt so sad that someone could treat another human like this.

The fact that women are not safe on the streets is a reality. It is so sad and so infuriating. I am sharing my story because I want other women to know that this situation IS NOT OKAY. If this has happened to you, it is NOT YOUR FAULT. If you are willing to speak up, please do. We have to Hollaback! or this will keep happening. Please let’s start a community where we can support each other and raise awareness about this to make the streets safer.