He was touching and groping my leg

I was 17 and freshly graduated from high-school. I got accepted into Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). I took a bus back to Jakarta. The bus was half full and a middle-aged man came to sit beside me. I was in the window seat, he took the aisle. He acted like he fell asleep, but was leaning towards me. His hands crossed his lap and I felt pressure on my left thigh. He was touching and groping my leg. I tried to move away but he just came closer. Meanwhile we are in the middle of the highway. I started to cry and wanted to move or get off, but I had no idea where I was. When I got to a place I recognised I pushed him out of the way and jumped off the bus. I took a taxi to the nearest mall to meet my mom. I burst out crying. I ended up avoiding the campus more and more. In the end I dropped out. Sad.