“Sini, Abang Temanin”

I work with a semi-government entity, we provide policy consultancy to the central government and its not unusual for us to have meetings at the State Palace with high rank officials and sometimes even the President himself.

For someone with my schedule driving in Jakarta is never an option, so I turn to our buses that have been a decent way to commute and has stops everywhere.

That day I was about to attend a meeting at the State Palace, I took the bus and got off at Harmoni Central Bus stop and walked to the Palace.

Right outside of the eastern gates, where you’ll see the “Sekretariat Negara” sign, a man stood leaning against the fences. He looked certainly looked like he belonged there, he was dressed like an official.

And he did what I thought this side of town was free off…he started saying the usual “cewek, mau kemana? Sini abang temenin”

If I wasn’t in a hurry for a meeting I swear I would’ve gone back and asked for his name and did a snapchat with him.

Even right outside of the gates of the palace you see this, which makes me think of how bad things are everywhere else