Verbal -near Shangri La

Was walking from Shangri-La Hotel to City Walk. One car stopped (blocking the entire narrow street. I could see motorbikes waiting patiently behind the car) and the man inside, a foreigner, rolled down the window to talk to me. I opened my mouth quick, thinking he was asking for direction to the hotel, but then closed it again. “What?”
“What’s your name? You’re so pretty,” he repeated.
The sun was shining directly above my head. I was sweating – I was wearing my green jacket which covers the entire area between my shoulders and torso.
I opened my mouth again, but nothing came out. I was puzzled. Five motorcycles behind the car are still waiting. Some are looking at me, some are checking their watch.
Before I could say anything the man laughed and drove away. I could then see that the plate number begins with a ‘CD’.
Did he just block the entire street and make 10 people wait to harass a woman?