Flirtatious Officer

I was alone, waiting for my ojek near the zebra cross of Cibubur Junction when a police officer approached me and said hi. “Sore, mbak. Baru pulang kerja?” he said, politely. He was in his late 40s and was waiting near me with his police car unit. Being polite and wasn’t suspicious at all, I greeted back and we had a small talk. He asked where I work, talked about the weather, some other usual small talk topics. When it’s time to go, he casually made a gesture for a handshake, and said, “Saya kembali bertugas dulu ya mbak.” and I said “Iya pak, selamat bertugas”. I shook his hand, but then he gently pulled my hand toward his body, grinned and whispered “Boleh minta nomor handphone? (Can I have your phone number?” Shocked and disgusted, I pulled my hand at once and walked away. Geez, I can’t believe that happened!