6 Years Old

When I was around 6 or 7 years old I remember that I went to a toys store at a very famous mall in South Jakarta with my cousin. Being a carefree child I would just run around and look at all the toys. Suddenly there was an old guy wearing a batik shirt that came up to me and grope my butt. I quickly turn around to see his face but he ran outside the store. I felt uneasy and kind of sad that I was touched by a stranger that way. Obviously being a child I thought I should just shrug it off and forget about it because I was ashamed and scared that my parents would be mad about it- that’s why I didn’t tell them until recently– I told my mom about it. It felt so good to finally be set free by telling my mom about that secret now that I have understand about sexual harassment. I hope no child ever has tor experience that.