Flashed at Gading Serpong

This happened like a year ago (since I just found out about this website) while I was going to my friend’s home at Pondok Hijau Golf, Gading Serpong, Cluster Jade. It was raining hard and I was walking, busy trying to hold an umbrella since the wind was strong. I was almost near her house, so I was searching for my phone and wasn’t aware of an SUV coming  up besides me.

There were two guys or more since they were in the car (around in my age maybe), the first one was driving the car while the other one who was sitting beside him opened up the door and (sorry) showed me his penis. Ew! I felt disgusted, angry as hell and shocked so I just stood still. And right after I tried to take a picture, but they drove away and I could hear them laughing.

Fortunately, there were security guards not so far away and they saw that car. So I told them what happened yet they seemed to not care about what had happened to me. I was angry at them but still they said “we’re gonna report this”. The experience was traumatic.

Please boys, I don’t want to see your thing the way you show me. We don’t ever want to be the victim of this harassment!