In Tajung Bira

I experienced a lot of verbal abuse in Makassar city, but the worst was when I had a vacation in Tajung Bira a few weeks ago.

I wore swimwear at that time but was covered with a large scarf (which I feel was appropriate because I was on the beach tho and I wasn’t the only one). At that time I was walking back to my hotel and some people were catcalling me all my way, three guys even followed me and tried to speak in english and were laughing (I thought they were trying to mock me because they know that I’m a local but on their mind only a foreigner is ‘allowed’ to wear that kind of clothes at the beach).

There was one guy that I’m pretty sure was taking my picture and that was the time I could not handle my anger anymore. I yelled at him and asked him to stop (in english, because I don’t feel comfortable to get angry in Indonesian). I should have taken his phone and deleted my picture but I didn’t because I was too upset to do so and just wanted to get home.

Funny that foreigners with swimwear get more respect at the beach than a local. I’m not saying that foreigners will never get harassed, because a friend of mine told me that she sees foreigners being verbally abused some times. But seriously, they cannot do this to anyone at all.
Can’t they just let people enjoy their time??????