“Where are you going?”

It was 16.00 on a weekday and I have just finished a meeting in the apartment and was waiting for a car to come pick me up. I told the driver to come up to the car entrance of Apartemen Menteng Square, since he could stop there without disrupting the traffic too much.

Due to the underpass work that created traffic on the area, I always ended up waiting for a while whenever I order a car there. I always waited at the entrance, near the car entrance gate.

Today there was a security officer near the gate, looking at me as he chatted and laughed with a couple other guys who were sitting around there. As soon as I came up to the gate he asked me some questions. I can’t remember exactly what he asked, but it was a couple of general questions about why I was standing there. Something like “are you getting picked up?”, or along that line. I answered with short comments, trying to not seem rude, but at the same time trying to disengage by focusing on my phone.

I found his questions a bit weird, but it was his delivery that made me a bit uncomfortable, including his lingering gaze that didn’t stop when I finished answering his questions.

“Where are you going?” he asked after a pause, apparently under the impression that it was his business. “Home,” I said vaguely, slowly moving from the gate towards the street, even though I didn’t really want to answer his question.

A few minutes to go before the car arrives. I decided to wait on the sidewalk instead of from the comfort of the building. It was no longer comfortable there.