Stared at me from head to foot

Sharing this story on behalf of a friend, with her permission:
On April 7 Allen went into the canteen behind Plaza Senayan for breakfast. She saw three men enter and noticed one of them staring her up and down while she was ordering. “He stared at me from head to foot, obviously checking me out … even my bum,” she said. His stare made her feel uncomfortable. “I know how perverts stare,” she said.

It wasn’t the first time Allen had experienced unwanted attention. She says she often gets catcalls from the security guards around Plaza Senayan and was heckled by construction workers. But this was a breaking point. She asked him why he was staring and when he denied it she slammed her plate on the table. She later posted a picture and description of the incident on Instagram.

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“what are you looking at” man in blue: “no i am not looking at you.” allen: “YES YOU ARE.” walks at my table. Slam water bottle pouch & plate. eat like a psycho. watch EVERY move.

“This is a minor thing, [in] which I wasn’t physically harassed … these events accumulated to a bottleneck of frustrated angst,” she said. Allen is from Manila and says there she would just smack guys who do these things. Her intention in calling out the man was to embarrass him, and he did avoid meeting her gaze afterward. But even though she wasn’t physically touched or verbally harassed on this occasion, she says Jakarta has left her with some trauma.