Today, at around 10ish in the morning, someone rang the door bell and I walked downstairs to open it. I was using my hair and facial mask, and my teeth were wrapped–had a complete face treatment. The person outside, without introducing himself or even saying why he’s there just immediately commented on my appearance:

“Itu rambutnya kenapa? Supaya hilang lemak-lemaknya ya hahaha.”

It was pretty upsetting to hear that comment, because of how stupid it sounded. First, the guy commented on my masked hair and then accused me of using the hair mask to lose my body fat. He was masking a sexually charged comment behind a silly comment about my hair.

I was not even able to say anything, but I felt really hurt. I totally think that was a sexual harassment, and then I decided to shout back at the guy, saying literally “stop trash talking me.”

Then at 10:45 I contacted the ride-sharing/courier app customer service to inform them of the event, but since I was too upset to even look at the person, I couldn’t provide any other information expect that I did not ask for the comment and I did not ask for the driver’s service.