At Dufan: verbal/physical

So last year, my sister and I brought a couple of our friends to Dufan in Ancol. We weren’t with our parents and it was during the school holiday. My sister is 12 years old and I’m 14 years old. So we were playing in this game called rumah kaca or something. And basically we are supposed to escape this glass maze. For some reason, the place was really full and it was quite hard to move. Eventually we found the exit but it was so full that we had to queue to get out. The exit was very small so basically you cant walk like together with a person beside you. They would have to walk either in front of you or behind you because it was that small. I was walking at the very back of my group and behind me was this group of boys. I’m not sure how old they are but I know for sure that they’re younger than me due to their height. They were walking quite far from me so there was this gap between my group and theirs. But suddenly, they closed the gap and walked so close behind me. They were speaking another dialect, but I could understand some of what they’re saying and I realised that they were talking about the girl in front of them, which was me. They were saying very inappropriate things about me and I had to pretend like I don’t know anything. I was so disgusted until I had ask my friend if I can switch places with her but since it was too full, we could barely move. A few moments later, one of these guys touched my lower bottom. At first, it was just like a slight touch so I thought it was an accident. And then he did it again and started laughing with his friends. I looked back at them with a disgusted face, hoping it would make them stop. For a second he actually stopped and then he did it again. This time instead of just touching it, he literally grabbed it. I wanted to tell them to stop or just move away but I froze because I was too scared to do anything. All I did was close my eyes and hoping they would stop. The most disgusting part of this was the fact that these boys are younger than me. Soon, my friends and I got out of that game and I ran as fast as I can away from them.