K’s stories

When I was in middle and high sch, I used angkot everyday and often times I also go out with all of my girlfriends to the mall by angkot. My mom always worried but I always thought that this world is not that scary wan’t it?

I once lost my handphone, was flashed (had a eldery guy showed his penis), to having guys smiled and looked at me from head to toe. The latter happened a lot. So I decided that I need to do something. I cut my long hair off into a short one, nearly neck-length, and started to dress up with menswear everytime I got out (beside school). And when I got on angkot, dressing up in baggy pants and polo shirt, people don’t look at me like how the used to be. I feel safe and okay.

I felt bad about that though. Because any girl shouldn’t be afraid to go out that much to the point that she’d pretended that she was a boy so that it’ll be safer. We shouldn’t be concerned about defense mechanisms, but we should think it the other way around, right? People (and guys especially) should be able to respect everyone.

I’m glad that this website exists and that I can share all of these experiences that I’ve never told anyone. Thanks Hollaback! – K.