Witnessed: Creeps on Bridge

This morning I was crossing the busway bridge in Simprug–it’s easier to cross than wait for the traffic at the U-Turn. When I was walking up the stairs to cross over, I saw a group of guys at the top (about 7 of them) sitting, and they were looking ahead toward the other side of the bridge where a high school student (she was wearing a uniform) was nearing the stairs on the otherside to go down. They were blatantly leering at her, one of them was squatting (from a far, about half a bridge away) and trying to look up her skirt, saying inappropriate things. I was confused what to do, but I walked up them and said “Hey! What are you saying to that student? What is it?” And they all got quiet and avoided my question, with one of them replying, “Oh yes, a student just passed by here a few minutes ago.” I was feeling very flustered and panicked, so I did my best to glare at each of them in the eye, and shook my head, then scurried off.

I wasn’t able to catch up to the girl to see if she was OK. I feel so sad and angry that her and many others experience this every day. She is a high school student! These are grown men, openly and unashamedly objectifying her in public.