Group Photo

It happens about two years ago. Aku wkt itu lg taking some group photos with my friends from middle school but we were already in college. Pas ini terjadi i just felt weird but now that i think about it I feel mad and angry. Kami foto dan aku posisinya sedikit menunduk sehingga bokongku terlihat lebih prominent ke belakang. I felt one of my friends rubbed his thing on my butt. I mean it was still in his pants but it made me feel weird and now all i have left is anger. at him. and at myself. like i couldn’t even scream and point my finger at him for doing that. So I just went to the front to avoid him.

So yeah. I feel like screaming now that i look back at it. 🙁

I know that there’s a lot of people with worse experience but this still makes me mad and angry and sad and terrified