Month: September 2017

Eyes on my body

One of the most annoying experiences was when men started to talk to me (as their way of being friendly) and switched from making eye contact and started looking down—like they were looking at my breasts. This happened more than once and it’s always uncomfortable when they were nice at first then began to focus … Continued

New Submission: Catcalled

Was catcalled by a man standing with the police. I wanted to say something but with the police standing there not responding to the catcalling, I was worried for my safety. I kept quiet and kept moving.

To all the men who have (and will) threaten my public space

This piece is written by the amazing Bry, and was originally published in: i hope you like FEMINIST RANTS The first time, I was on a beach. You crept up behind me to grab my breast. It happened so fast, it almost felt like it didn’t happen at all. But it did, because even after … Continued

“They said they didn’t harass me”

I was going to Indomaret near a restaurant where I and my father were about to have dinner. There were some guys and a girl, sitting (nongkrong) in front of the Indomaret. Then one guy said “Hello” as I passed him. I turned my face and looked at him cynically, he and his friend sitting … Continued

Saya di-catcall lagi

Saya di-catcall lagi dan victim blaming lagi. Saya baru keluar dari tempat kerja yang ada di dlm komplek perumahan. Naik sepeda, seperti biasa. Terus ada mas2 teriakin saya dari jarak 5 meter sambil ngelihatin saya: “HOY HOY HOY HOY”. Saya berhenti. Saya tanya: ” ada apa?” Dia jawab: “Idih apaan. Ngomong sama siapa emang gue???!” … Continued

Get catcalled while walking alone

It was around 10pm, just got back from attending Feminist Festival on August 27, I walked alone around Stasiun Cikini to find the entrance, a motor driver catcalled me shouting “Gendut, gendut!” as he passed very fast.

Witnessed: catcalled numerous times

On August 1 2017 I witnessed a woman perhaps in her 30s get catcalled numerous times by different men (tukang ojek, tukang gorengan, dll) along the Sudirman pedestrian (right in front of lapangan Senayan) where she walked.

Daily dose of street harassment

Daily dose of street harassment. Transportasi saya pergi-pulang kerja itu sepeda, lengkap dengan helm, sarung tangan, knee pad. Saya udah sering di catcall and I couldn’t just walk away. I always fought back. So did I this evening at 5pm on my way to home. Saya pulang lewatin perumahan elit, each house at least has … Continued

Rasa nyaman itu berubah

Saya sendiri jarang mengalami “catcall”, selama ini saya merasa berani untuk pergi malam hari. Tetapi rasa nyaman itu berubah saat saya berjalan bersama teman saya. Teman saya tersebut adalah perempuan berasal dari Amerika Serikat. Selama saya berjalan bersama, kami menerima catcall hampir setiap laki2 yang bertemu dengan kami. Insiden paling menakutkan adalah di saat kami … Continued