“They said they didn’t harass me”

I was going to Indomaret near a restaurant where I and my father were about to have dinner. There were some guys and a girl, sitting (nongkrong) in front of the Indomaret. Then one guy said “Hello” as I passed him. I turned my face and looked at him cynically, he and his friend sitting next to him replied “Weseseses” like showing their excitement. Then I entered the store. I was really mad. On my way back to the restaurant, the other guy of the gang said “Hati-hati, Teh.” I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took my phone and pretended to film a video of them and said that I was catcalled and talked about laws. After I finished my dinner, they came to me, one of them yelled and asked me to delete the video, I didn’t save any video tho. My father was right next to me. It was chaotic. They said they didn’t harass me because they didn’t touch me at all. But they CATCALLED me. Many people think that catcalling isn’t a street harassment. I really hope there will be rules that significantly and strictly restrict catcalling.