On Senopati

Two days ago my friend and I were walking to a coffee shop on Senopati. There was a group of guys sitting on a block at a grassy area at the middle of a 3 way intersection. They were catcalling us. Almost ignored it but couldn’t. I yelled out “Apa sih!?” as I looked back, and when we turned around to keep walking, they erupted in laughter. So we approached them and asked why they were doing that? One of the men ran to hide behind a tree. There were a few others watching on in the background, giggling. The main perpetrator sat there. When I asked him why, he smiled and asked to take a photograph with us. I lost it, and started telling him that it’s not polite, that it’s actually harassment, and a form of sexual violence to do this to women. I felt my voice shaking and tried hard to look him in the eye. I also told him that it’s exhausting to deal with this kind of thing EVERY TIME you walk on the street and pass a group of men that they do that! He nodded, he looked embarrassed, but his friends were still giggling in the background. As my friend and I walked away, I felt shaky, angry, anxious, and exhausted. I just keep thinking why was this so funny to his friends?