I was in only 11

Sooo this happened a long time ago, I was in only 11ish years old when this man assaulted me. I never told anyone about this nor do I have the courage to. The first thing that started this whole f*cked up thing was we were going to a waterpark with the whole big fam. I was with him and couple of his nieces. We were going to the deep pool and its where it all started. I was hold on to him cos I was afraid of drowning, obviously, everyone did cos he was the only adult there. Then he started touching my chest. I thought he was holding me and the other child the same, I was okay but then he started to hold them tighter. I couldn’t move or say anything. Then after that we just separate cos I went to the child pool.

Weeks later, he was helping me on starting up my gadget. I sat in front of him and he touched my shoulder and rubbing them. I was so uncomfortable but powerless. Then this would happen occasionally until he actually start touching me. I cant do anything beside just crying on the inside. Then I would just sometimes pretends that I need to pee so that I can get rid of him. This happens for three years until I’m getting older and know how to not stay closer to him.

You know whats worse? He still live close to me, til this second I’m 19 years old, and we always act like nothing has ever happened.