At a minimarket

When I was in elementary—8 years old— there was a minimarket (it wasn‘t one of the massive chain ones though) right across the school, where I usually went with my younger brother and mom to buy snacks and drinks after school.
Sometimes, it was just me (and I think sometimes with my brother too) who went to the minimarket, while my mom waited outside—which is absolutely normal.
However, what‘s not normal is how the staffs treated me. There was one staff, who would be on his shift when school was over. The first few times, he just kept looking and smiling at me. Then later on, he started to call and tease me when I was at the market, which made me uncomfortable as a young girl.
Once, I asked for a plastic bag, he handed it to me, and when I was about to take it from his hand, he put both of his hands between mine, and I couldn‘t let go at first.
Then once, there was another staff, whom I thought was a new person because I had never seen him before. The staff who has held my hand started to talk to the new staff about me loudly. I think there were other people in the market but they didn‘t bother. This new staff started to call me pretty and beautiful, and it disgusted me.
As a young girl, I wasn‘t brave enough to say this to my mom. However, every time my mom accompanied me to the market, the staff acted normal—like they‘ve never done anything wrong.