The catcallers are angry

Almost everyday I go from student housing complex to i3L campus (which is only 6 minutes walk) I get catcalled. This catcalling not only makes me feel uncomfortable and not safe, but also makes me feel degraded, ruins my mood every morning and makes me so so angry. For the fact that I just want a safe space and just want to go to school for god’s sake. Most of the days I will just ignore and plug in my earphones and put the music to maximum. However, that particular day I walked with my female friend to campus and some stupid ignorant bunch catcalled us. Since I was super angry I came up to them and sternly told them to back off and to stop the verbal harrasment. I got into an argument with them and they were super angry that I told them to stop and mind their own business. I wouldn’t just give up in confronting them and they get even angrier to the point they almost hit me. What angered me the most is that my friend told me to just not do anything about the catcalling.

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