Early morning run

I was on an early morning run this past Saturday just outside of the Puri Bintaro complex. I was running through a small village on the way to the Bintaro Xchange when a young man (20s-30s) started running alongside me wearing jeans and a ballcap. I was initially polite and asked him to stop running with me becoming more persistent when he didn’t initially stop. He finally veered away and I ran onto a bigger street happy to be out of a more secluded area.

I then heard him run up behind me (I wasn’t wearing headphones luckily), and he grabbed my butt, and proceed to tell him he loved me. I immediately stopped and started screaming at him to go away. A scooter with two women pulled up to us, and they started talking to him. I started pointed and yelling really loudly to cause a scene and then ran away. Of course, I had to find a new way home as I didn’t want to run that way again.

Not even two minutes later, I was catcalled by a group of men across the street. I was really angry and wanted to stop running, but I didn’t want this horrible experience to ruin my workout. It’s such a violation to be accosted while out for a run to take care of myself, and I am definitely nervous about running alone now.

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