Sick of being harassed

I had a guy on a motorbike pull up in front of me on the wrong side of the road and just stare at me. I sensed something was wrong so I grabbed my bag and as I went to walk past him, I noticed he had his penis out and was masturbating while staring at me. I yelled at him and reached for my phone so he drove off.

I kept walking but had my phone out just in case. He circled back and tried again so I took some photos (sadly poor quality) and he drove off. The asshole tried a third time and I got more pictures (still not good quality) so he finally gave up. He had a blue helmet on and was driving a maroon/crimson and white/silver motorbike. He had his face covered because he’s a pathetic coward in addition to being a perverted asshole.

I’m really sick of being harassed every time I leave my house, but this is a new kind of sick and disgusting for me in this city.

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