I was on an ‘ojek online’ (motorcycle taxi) heading to a hotel my friends stayed in, we plan to hang out. As I passed this intersection with you know, ‘mas-mas’ that ‘help’ car passing through, they were howling at me as if I am an object. After I arrived, me and my friends decided to walk to dinner since the traffic was hell. We passed through that hellish intersection again and now, not only one, but 3 of em were howling at us. Smiling, laughing, as if we were funny objects. As we waited for our ‘ojek online’ to pick us up, they became more daring. Following us and screaming out loud ‘Berapa?’ and ‘300 ribu 3’ (how much?). I WAS SO FREAKING PISSED and screamed out loud ‘SINI LO KALO BERANI’ and almost walked over to them but 2 of my friends held me back.

I was so pissed. And trembling hard. I really wanted to confront them and just kick them in the nuts but also, it is a rather scary thought of what they might do. But geez, I really wanted to confront them, asking them do they ever get laid and how they momma taught them. Pricks.

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