I know that the title may seem funny since I don’t know what to write, BUT, my story is not as funny as the title.
So it was 6 to 7 months ago. I worked at a famous 5 star hotel. A guy who is in the same section as me  (but we’re in a different place of work ) started to look at me every time we met. What insulted me so much was that he kept staring at me for a long time while smiling. Ew. One time, he came to my work place and my position was idk how to call it but let me tell you my hands and half of my body on the table but my legs on the floor…ya you can imagine lah.
And then he came, and he told my coworker like “ayy look at that ass“. I didn’t notice until my coworker said, “don’t be like that “neng”, he’s looking at your butt“. I was shocked. I really want to punch him but I couldn’t since its a work place where I get my money from.

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