A Scary Aggressive Exhibitionist

So the story happened almost every Friday from 2013-2016. So there was a guy he’s like 25-35 y.o, he’s overweight, has round face, around 155-160 cm tall and people said he has mentality issue. But he had a strange exhibitionist issue that made people around that area scared. Because he’ll show his p*nis to every woman that he saw. And he always in masjid in Yogya Street every Friday, at Friday prayer. He act like a parking guy. But everytime he saw a girl he’ll follow while jerking off. I was followed by him several times. And what I did was run quickly to my home. What is strange is everyone knows about that in that area. But why no one took him to to get treatment or at least take him to a psychologist or something else. Because he’s lived in that area and he had mental issue it doesn’t mean we can ignore that. One of my friends and I were being followed and she told me not to not be scared act like normal and if he’s starting to get close to say to him that he has small d*ck. We did say that but.. he doens’t understand and he keep jerking off in front of us then we have no choice but run. I don’t know if he is still in that area or not cause I moved to¬† another place in 2016.

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