He lied in top of me when I was 7 y.o

It was when I was a kid around 6-7y.o there’s a guy (A) he was 3 y.o older than me he told my friend (T) to play being “doctor and patients” which children like me love to play at that time. Then A told T if he push me and lay on top of me. He’ll give him Rp 500 . At that time it was just can buy 5 candies with that money. Then he did it. But we didn’t take our clothes off and I didnt know anything back then but all I know is we’re just playing. Untill the next day A told everyone I’m not virgin anymore and I did Zina (sex before marriage) . I dont even know what sex is at that time. Or what virginity is. All I know Zina is a sin and if you loose the virginity you’ll disgrace the family. It make me feel like I was doing bad fhing that time. And I feel so sinned. My teacher know but they think it was just children joke. And like a wind everyone ignored and forget the story. I never told anyone before.

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