Motor bike grabber

At that time my campus was on Dokter Karyadi Hospital. Sometimes I used this way to go to school or just going out. But one day around 2 years ago when I was going back from buying food in the outside . I walk to my dorm through this street. Suddenly someone with black motorcycle black jacket and black helmet grab my ass.. I was shocked and screamed. It’s Ashar time. And I was screaming like 10 meters from masjid. I’m sure some people in masjid heard it. Cause I screamed outloud but no one cared. They looked at me like nothing happened. It made me upset and I saw the guy that grab my ass open up his helmet and grinning from far away. I ran to my dorm. And cried. When I tell my friend about it they blamed me cause at that time I didn’t wear hijab they said “He did it cause you didn’t cover your aurat” “your ass is not a virgin anymore” “you are touched” .. it hurt to hear that kind of reaction. You can’t blame the victim of sexual harrasment cause at that time I was wearing long clothes and long pants that covered most of my body, it was not tight either. It made me upset cause no one cared. They thought sexual harassment that was not “rape” was just fine. And I always disagree with that theory. What has to be blamed is the morality of people that do sexual harassment. And motor bike grabbers are becoming much more common in Semarang -I read it on a social media platform that it happens even to a girl that was riding a motorbike and wearing hijab. Even walking and riding motorcycle is dangerous these days in Semarang.

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