Online harassment

While I know this group is mainly devoted to ending street harassment, I’d like to mention that sexual harassment in Jakarta extends beyond the street and includes extensive web harassment, far worse than anything I’ve ever encountered back home. I shut down my Tinder and OKCupid accounts after being harangued over and over by men asking me where I worked, lived, if I’d give them my Whatsapp number, what kind of sexual preferences I had, and so forth. Several messages included my personal details that members would have had to dig for through extensive internet research, as I keep my web accounts and personal information very private. I was quite alarmed at how stalkerish and aggressive men in Jakarta could be.

More recently, I posted a request on the Expats Jakarta Facebook page asking for help finding electronics I wasn’t sure existed in Jakarta. One male member of the group responded with a few suggestions for stores I should check out. He then sent me a series of personal facebook messages, asking where I lived and if I wanted him to take me to the store. I told him no and that I wasn’t interested. He continued to send me messages over several days asking me to meet him for coffee so he could get to know me better. Despite my repeated protests, he refused to take no for an answer. I hadn’t shared any personal information with him or had any sort of conversation with him beyond the request for information on electronics. I ended up having to report him to Facebook for sexual harassment when his messages became more assertive.