New Submission

I was born with voluptuous breasts. I didn’t pay attention to them before. I just thought that everyone had the same size as mine.

Then one day, me and my friends were walking to reach the bus stop from my junior high school. We just finished played basketball, still drenched in sweat. Suddenly, I felt someone grabbed my breasts without my consent.

When I realized, I turned around to see the guy. He fled and still managed to smirk at me. At that time, I felt enraged and started to utter the F word to him until he was gone. I was not able to tell my parents back then and the accident still lingers in my memory until now.

All I can do for now is just defend by wrapping my body with bigger clothes to make my breasts look smaller. I often dress as a man whenever I go out so that I don’t get catcalled.