New Submission

I was out with friends having a great night till one of my guy friends wasn’t able to go home and I thought he could stay in my spare room at the house. When me my friend and the guy went to my house my friend went straight to the room and I showed him the spare room but when I went it to turn the ac on he locked the door and pushed me on the bed. I never thought someone who I was friends with could do that to me. He had the nicest girlfriend i know but she was a virgin and didn’t want to have sex yet so he thought he would just rape me. I didn’t drink that night, i was wearing long jeans and a shirt. I didn’t know who to tell, i didn’t tell my boyfriend till recently. I didn’t report him either, he isn’t Indonesian, I’m pretty sure his parents work in the embassy so I couldn’t do anything. I saw him a few days after, I felt scared, he came over and said hi, he acted like it never happened. That wasn’t my first experience of rape or sexual assault.