I was in primary school

I was in primary school (5th grade) when it happened. I was on my way home from school after Pondok Romadhon event, which means that I wore a Muslim attire. There was this guy riding a motorbike stopped me on the street and asking for a direction. I remember that the address did not exist so I answered: “I don’t know, sorry”. Then he asked: “what about this, do you know?”, while touching my (barely exist) boobs. I was frozen and terrified, then I slapped his hand and ran all the way home. I did not tell my parents and anyone for I was confused about what just happened. I was scared.

I am now 26 and I still could not forget that experience. Sometimes I ask myself what I did wrong, why did I talk to a stranger, but then anger came through me. I was a kid and I was harassed, and I don’t want this situation happens to anyone.

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