How it all began:

We started the team after Ang had an unsettling experience with street harassment while riding her bike to work one morning. Her initial assumption was that her experience was uncommon. As she spread her story, she soon realised that MANY others were experiencing similar problems on the streets.

So we–a small group of friends–came together to form the Hollaback! Jakarta site. We know now that so many other people in this city have experienced street harassment and NEED a platform to share their stories.

Hollaback! Jakarta is a safe and respectful place where anyone who has experienced street harassment can share their story and feel supported. The movement is inclusive and open to everyone in this crazy, diverse city, where people come from all over Indonesia and the world.

Hollaback! is a global movement that started in New York in 2005. You can read more about it on the Hollaback! global page.