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“Where are you going?”

It was 16.00 on a weekday and I have just finished a meeting in the apartment and was waiting for a car to come pick me up. I told the driver to come up to the car entrance of Apartemen Menteng Square, since he could stop there without disrupting the traffic too much. Due to … Continued

“Hai cantik, seksi banget sih!”

by Nina Hidayat, moderator Tentang Perempuan originally written Feb 23 2017   “Hai cantik, seksi banget sih!” Pernah digoda dengan kalimat seperti itu di jalanan? Untuk kebanyakan perempuan, godaan seperti itu bukan lagi hal aneh. Saya sering mengalaminya di jalan ke kantor, ketika memutar melewati perkampungan di daerah Bendungan Hilir. Seorang teman perempuan asal Amerika yang tinggal … Continued

Lumière: Stop Catcalls

Guest post by our friends at the Lumière Project-   Catcall adalah suatu tindakan menggoda yang dilakukan seseorang atau segerombol orang (kebanyakan pelaku adalah laki-laki) berupa siulan, panggilan menggoda, atau komentar yang bersifat seksual sehingga membuat korban (kebanyakan perempuan) yang sedang berjalan sendirian merasa tidak nyaman, tidak aman dan cemas. Tindakan ini terkesan sederhana dan sepele, … Continued

2017- A Revolutionary Start!

So far, 2017 has been an inspirational year for Hollaback! Jakarta. Over the past few months, we have made meaningful partnerships, hosted several  events, and raised awareness through a variety of media channels. Slowly but surely, the discussion about street harassment is spreading and – one person at a time – we are building a … Continued

An Honest Conversation

The following blog post was written by William K., who recalls a conversation he had with a woman about her experience of street harassment in Jakarta. Hello. This is me. The meeting with everyone is here right? -Hi… Who are you?   I just texted you less than 2 minutes ago. -Oh yes, I got … Continued

Confronting Victim Blaming

Confronting Victim Blaming on Jakarta Streets by Mayzura Restalia Munaf   It’s been one year and eleven days since Hollaback! Jakarta was founded by our impassioned team leader, Angie. Her Facebook post on January 20, 2016, which called for interested and altruistic hearts to help start up and run the Hollaback! Movement in Jakarta, garnered … Continued

Tuesday Twitter Campaign 2017: #LawanPelecehan

Every Tuesday, we will be tweeting all day with the hashtag #LawanPelecehan, which literally translates to fight/against harassment. This week we’ve decided to blast out links to a number of stories that have been submitted to us through our website/app/hard copy story forms at events. By sharing stories and talking about street harassment and public … Continued