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Punched him

Setiap pagi emang terbiasa untuk olahraga dan hari ini baru aja abis lari pagi dan ada laki laki tua ngikutin naik motor, like ketemu papasan 4 kali padahal aku lari di area yang sama dan ngelilingi area itu 6 kali, which is keliatan bgt orang ini ngikutin kemana aku lari, and whenever I saw him, … Continued

Eyes on my body

One of the most annoying experiences was when men started to talk to me (as their way of being friendly) and switched from making eye contact and started looking down—like they were looking at my breasts. This happened more than once and it’s always uncomfortable when they were nice at first then began to focus … Continued

Witnessed: Creeps on Bridge

This morning I was crossing the busway bridge in Simprug–it’s easier to cross than wait for the traffic at the U-Turn. When I was walking up the stairs to cross over, I saw a group of guys at the top (about 7 of them) sitting, and they were looking ahead toward the other side of … Continued

I am 14 years old…

I am a 14 year old female soccer player. My friends and I were walking from the pertamina soccer field to buy drinks and we walked past two adult males who worked in the area. As we walked past them, they stared at us sexually and smirked at us. I was extremely uncomfortable, however the … Continued