Need help? You can find support services related to gender based violence (in Indonesian) here:

Counseling and Support Services:

Yayasan Pulih. This support center for women and victims of violence is an amazing resource. They do individual counseling in English and Bahasa and offer other resources, including self-defense and meditation.
 Jl. Teluk Peleng 63A, Komplek AL, Rawa Bambu, Pasar Minggu, Jak Sel
 Telephone: 021-78842580;
 Email: [email protected]

Komisi Nasional Anti Kekerasaan terhadap Perempuan (KOMNAS Perempuan). This organization advocates to end violence against women. The data they compile on violence against women helps inform public policy in Indonesia. If you are not Indonesian, you may want to have someone who speaks Bahasa to assist in translating.
 Jl. Latuharhari 4B, Jakarta Indonesia 10310
 Telephone: 021-3903963
 Email: [email protected]

Lentera Sintas Indonesia. Lentera is a supportive space for rape and sexual abuse survivors.
 Twitter: @lenteraid
Email: [email protected]

LBH (Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum) APIK Jakarta
 Jl. Raya Tengah No.31 Rt. 01/09, Kramat Jati, Jaktim 13540
Telephone: 021-87797289
 E-mail [email protected]

Rumah Aman
 Pk 07.00 – 19.00
Senin Selasa Rabu: 0858 8185 6478
 Rabu Kamis Jumat: 0818 965 063
 Sabtu Minggu: 0815 807 4778

Help Nona:

List of organizations from Sisters in Danger for survivors of sexual violence in each province.

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