Quick verbal responses

Sometimes we are caught off guard by street harassment. We spend the entire day thinking “I wish I had said something”. If you are unfamiliar with Bahasa and/or just want some quick and easy responses to street harassment in English or Indonesian, here are 10 responses to consider 🙂

Do you have a favorite phrase to hollaback?! If so, please share it with us here!

1. Ada apa? – What?
2. Kok gitu? – How come you’re doing that?
3. Itu pelecehan, tau! – That’s harassment, don’t you know?
4. Itu tidak (nggak) bener, tau! – That’s not okay, don’t you know?
5. Jangan begitu. – Don’t do that.
6. Nggak sopan tuh! – That’s not polite!
7. Awas, gue laporin polisi lho. – Watch out, i’ll report you to the police.
8. Hei, hati-hati lu. – Hey, watch it.
9. Hei, lihatin apa tuh? – Hey, what are you looking at?
10. Hei, jangan omong gitu. – Hey, don’t talk like that.

If you are well versed in Bahasa, you might try:

11. Gimana perasaanmu jika ibumu digituin? – How would you feel if your mother had someone do that to her?
12. Kamu bilang seperti itu ke ibumu? – Do you talk like that to your mother?
13. Gak malu, apa? Tua-tua masih genit?  – Aren’t you embarrassed? You’re old but still flirty (like a child)? 

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